Xfinity Internet Plans, Prices, and Speeds

Save big on reliably fast internet, plus get a free 4k streaming box with your Xfinity Internet!

Internet Packages Starting At $30 /mo

For 12 months with 1-year term contract. Taxes and equipment not included. Includes $10/mo automatic payments and paperless billing discount.

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Xfinity Internet Deals in Central Division


$ 39
  • Download speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • up to 5 devices connected at once
  • Stream videos, download music


$ 64
  • Download speeds up to 600 Mbps
  • Ideal for up to 11 devices connected at once
  • Suitable for multi-device HD streaming
  • Fast downloads, and online gaming


$ 84
  • Download speeds up to 900 Mbps
  • Ideal for 12+ devices connected at once
  • Great for multi-player games
  • Heavy downloads, and seamless streaming

Prices, speeds, channels, and package availability may vary from area to area.

Xfinity High-Speed Internet: Wireless, Flexible and Seamless Connectivity!

Each undertaking expects you to make an agenda. Essentially, with regards to picking a web access, you search for a couple of qualities that are not hard to distinguish. This extensive rundown of prerequisites, including specialized factors, can become hard to make due. Fortunately, Comcast web bargains summarize every one of the self-evident and unobtrusive things of the rundown to work with the clients in the most potential powerful manner.


The mission for the best web association begins with the topic of speed and finishes with dependability. In the middle between, there are trial of unwavering quality that are measured with association strength utilizing idleness and ping tests. The following are a couple of advantages you get with Comcast web plans:

Xfinity Internet Speeds

Quicker is better. This summarizes Xfinity’s methodology towards web speeds. Xfinity Web bundles offer you different decisions. These bundles are tailor-made to suit your necessities and prerequisites. Beginning from 50 Mbps, which guarantees that you are great to ride the web and complete essential errands, for example, browsing your messages, going up to speeds that are just about as high as 1.2G giving you the quickest association in the country. Regardless of what your prerequisites are, Xfinity download speed has got you covered!

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you disregard things like your utilization and necessities, it could bring about the wastage of your web data transmission toward the finish of every month. Consequently, you’ll wind up paying more than you ought to. Accordingly, with regards to getting the best web speed, consistently calculate your prerequisites so you just compensation for the administrations you really consume.

Xfinity WiFi

Web, in this day and time, is about adaptability and remote availability. The principal thing that rings a bell when you hear the word web is Wi-Fi. The xFi Door is tied in with giving you the adaptability to wander about and utilize the web anyplace in your home on numerous gadgets.

Xfinity WiFi bundles likewise permit you to interface with the world in a hurry. Believe it or not, you can naturally associate with WiFi anyplace in the country with Xfinity’s organization of north of 20 million secure WiFi areas of interest. You should simply download the Xfinity Application and you are good to go!

Xfinity Internet Security

The universe of the web is tremendous, profound, and dull. The steadily extending skyline of the web space knows no limits. This development doesn’t separate between the great and the terrible, which offers many dangers of real value. Your association resembles an entryway and no one can really tell what is on the opposite side.

Hence, Xfinity offers you Progressed Security included Free with the xFi Passage. This underlying security programming gives you unmatched insurance against all digital dangers. It is only accessible with Xfinity web bundles for new clients. Join the quickest web family for a protected and solid help!

Xfinity Internet Plans in Central Division


Continuously keep in contact with your friends and family with the Xfinity telephone. Appreciate perfectly clear voice quality with various highlights. Group your telephone administration to exploit Xfinity packages and indulge yourself with mind boggling administrations alongside reserve funds.

Unlimited Calling

Your demeanor ought to be free similar to your adoration. Feel the opportunity with Xfinity Voice’s limitless calling highlights. Call around the country and to close to a portion of the world without stressing over talk time. Opportunity of articulation with Xfinity telephone!

Internet Package

Download Speeds Up to

Upload Speeds Up to

Data Cap

xFi Advanced Security

Introductory Price

Order Now


50 Mbps

5 Mbps

1.2 TB

Included with xFi Gateway


Connect More

100 Mbps

5 Mbps

1.2 TB

Included with xFi Gateway



300 Mbps

10 Mbps

1.2 TB

Included with xFi Gateway



600 Mbps

20 Mbps

1.2 TB

Included with xFi Gateway



900 Mbps

20 Mbps

1.2 TB

Included with xFi Gateway


Gigabit Extra


35 Mbps

1.2 TB

Included with xFi Gateway


Prices, speeds, channels, and package availability may vary from area to area.

Xfinity Wireless Connectivity At Its Best!

These days, the web is about versatility and adaptability. It is tied in with associating different gadgets at the same time without encountering more slow rates and slack during web based gaming. Xfinity transfer speed is perfect for video conferencing and transferring enormous records over the web with practically no problem.


Xfinity gets you the adaptability of In-Home Wi-Fi and the opportunity of FREE Areas of interest around the country. This way you get all you need and somewhat more at no additional expense!

XFINITY Internet Wi-Fi

Get the advantage of remote availability with Xfinity web Wi-Fi. You can now meander about, and appreciate in each room of the house. Xfinity gets you consistent availability in each side of the house. This is only the start; you get extra elements with next to no additional charges. With Xfi you are adaptable, free and in charge.

Xfinity Internet Hotspots

Browse a scope of quick, dependable web speeds, in addition to remain associated in a hurry with more than 20 million Xfinity WiFi areas of interest! What is superior to your In-Home Wi-Fi? Portable remote choices are perfect however they come at a robust expense. Join and appreciate Xfinity web choices in a hurry! Get Xfinity WiFi with its application and you are all set!